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Volunteering at the shelter was an experience I’ll never forgot!! At first it’s a tad scary with all the barking but once you step into each and every cage with the dogs you’ll soon learn all the dogs want is love and attention. You won’t be able to help but fall in love with each and every dog and give them your own pet names!!

Nancy, Australia

Thats What I came up with : I volunteered there for 1month and it was great! Dogs are incredible; craving for love and hugs. The staff does a great job feeding them and making sure they have a healthy environment. If you have time to volunteer, pet and play with the dogs, it would really make a difference!

Margot, France

Volunteering at New Hope was an amazing experience! During two weeks we’ve learnt a lot more about dogs than during our entire lives. Dogs are always so happy to see you. When you step into the shelter, it’s hard to leave the place and the dogs. Staff of this place is also amazing. They will always help you if you’ve got any questions and you can tell they are animals lovers : )

Emek & Olga, Poland

I visited the dog shelter a few times. At that time there have been about 300 dogs. My ‚work‘ at the shelter was to visit the dogs to give them some attention and love! When we arrived at the shelter the dogs were so excited and happy and couldn’t wait for us to come to them. It was so nice to cuddle all of them and seeing them happy. I enjoyed spending time at the shelter. The dogs need so much love which is why they really need volunteers at the shelter.

Alex, Germany

I was volunteering in the shelter for almost one month. I didn’t stay at the shelter at that time so I was spending there about 3 hours 4 times a week. My main duty was to pay attention to the dogs. There is a lot of dogs and they need a lot of human care and attention! I also helped with feeding them, washing them, checking for ticks and cleaning the cages. For me it was a wonderful job. The dogs can be so unbelievably grateful and rewarding! I fell in love with half of them I guess. You can also learn a lot about dogs’ behavior etc. But of course, sometimes it can be hard. There is a lot of dogs jumping on you and asking for your attention. Sometimes there are some fights between them and you have to find a way to distract and separate them. Anyway, I have wonderful memories from this place and I learned a lot! 🙂 If you really like dogs and you are not afraid when there are many of them around, you should definitely try it and share your heart with them. It’s really worth it!

Gracjana, Poland

I was volunteering at a shelter for a month. When I went there for the first time I was quite confused of the 300 dogs barking at me. But very soon I got to know them and truly fell in love with the dogs. It wasn’t always easy but it was definitely very rewarding and I learned many things. The best feeling was when after several days the shyest dog came to you. All dogs were so lovely and I will allays remember and miss them.

Vilma, Finland

I visited the shelter during 2 weeks and had a great time! It was so lovely to spend the time with all the dogs. I could really see how much the dogs loved it when we came and socialized us with them. I could definitely recommend to stay here and work for some time, you get an amazing experience of it!

Denise, Sweden