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New Hope For Animals rescued 14 dogs

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New Hope For Animals rescued 14 dogs

These 14 dogs had been abandoned by the owner who moved out without taking their dogs. They were lucky that the neighbor had been fed them but she was unable to take them into her house. We went there and saw how poor the condition was. It liked a squadter, very dirty and full of rubbish everywhere. Some dogs still lived in the house and some lived on the street. They need to be removed as soon as possible as the new owner will knock down the house.

This is the case of negligence and no responsibility of the owner that left them helplessly with no food or water to survive. Now the dogs had been rescued and looked after. Please help donating for dog food and medical treatment as all of them have blood parasite and kidney problem.(last photo the dogs at New Hope’s shelter)

You can help by donating through our website Thank you.


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