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New Hope for Animals is officially welcomes volunteers and adoptions with open arms and open paws!

I’m Mali, the owner and founder of New Hope for Animals.

Although New Hope has just opened to the public in 2017, my history with our animals goes back much further than that!

My journey to shelter owner began in 2010 when I returned home to Thailand after spending most of my life living abroad. Entering Thailand, I was forced to face the sight of countless abandoned, homeless, and suffering animals.

I was in contact with another local shelter, that has a growing number of dogs too. offered to take some of the older and more involved dogs off of their hands. I felt I had the time and space to ensure they were getting the attention they needed. And so, my shelter grew.

Word spread in my village, and soon I was being informed of other abused or neglected animals.  Dogs were even being left at my door step. Before long, my staff and I were caring for 265 dogs. It was time for a bigger shelter.

We need volunteers to ensure that each dog gets the love and attention that it needs. All of our dogs are able to be adopted to the right forever home!